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How to use Marriott Certificate

How to use Marriott Certificate

Marriott has made it easier than ever to book your next business trip. Simply present your free Marriott certificate at any participating hotel and enjoy a room for the night. To help you through this process, we’ve compiled the following checklist:

The following is a description of how to use your free Marriott certificate.

Marriott certificates can be used to make reservations at Marriott hotels. The certificate can only be redeemed in the form of a coupon code that you enter when booking your reservation online or over the phone. The following are some common questions asked about Marriott certificates:

  • Can I use my Marriott certificate to reserve a room at non-Marriott hotels?

No, this is not possible. You cannot use this type of free travel certificate anywhere other than on Marriott properties within their network (which includes Starwood properties).

  • Is there any way around this rule?

No, but if you have an extra $30 lying around and wish to stay in a hotel other than one owned by the program, there is another option for redeeming your discount: purchase what’s known as an “eCertificate” from either eCertsDirect or Gift Card Mall (see links below). This allows you back into our exclusive database with access to all available promotions—and it also allows us to fulfill our promise of never asking anyone again whether they want fries with their hamburger!

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Insert the certificate into the slot marked “Marriott Certificate” on the counter facing you.

The person behind the counter is standing on your right side, so this means that you must insert it in a certain direction. It may take some effort to push it into place.

One person behind the counter will check that there are no hidden messages written in invisible ink on the certificate.

Now that you’re ready to use your Marriott certificate, the hotel will check it. This can be done by using ultraviolet light or a microscope.

Another person standing at the opposite end of the room will look at the certificate under a microscope, checking for watermarks and other signs of authenticity.

The certificate is examined to see if any part of it has been forged or tampered with. The person doing this should be more than just an expert in their field; they should also have an eye for detail that most people do not possess.

A third person will bring you a sample of their handwriting to compare with their writing on the certificate, using an ultraviolet light if necessary.

They’ll need to bring that sample to you first. If they are unable (or unwilling) to do this, we will bring them a sample of our own handwriting instead.

Once we have both samples in hand, we will use ultraviolet light if necessary and compare each sample’s authenticity.

Show your passport and fill out various forms about your work history, your hobbies, what kind of car you drive, and so on.

If you’ve held a job in another country within one year prior to using your certificate, or have stayed in any hotel other than a Marriott outside North America within two years prior to using your certificate, you may be required to provide additional personal information as well as DNA samples.

You may be required to provide additional personal information as well as DNA samples if you’ve held a job in another country within one year prior to using your certificate, or have stayed in any hotel other than a Marriott outside North America within two years prior to using your certificate.

Confirm that you want the room listed on the certificate by placing an X in the box marked “Yes.”

If you do not want this room listed on your certificate, do not place an X in the box marked “Yes.”

The following is a description of how to make reservations at Marriott hotels without using a free Marriott certificate.

  • For those who do not have a free Marriott certificate, you can still make reservations at Marriott hotels by calling the hotel directly or using an online reservation system.
  • The most common way to make reservations is through the Marriott app, which allows you to access all of your account information and book rooms from anywhere. To do this, open the app on your phone and enter in your desired dates for travel and number of guests, then select “book now” at the bottom right corner of this screen. You will be prompted to log into your Marriott Rewards account if you don’t already have one; once logged in, select “reserve now” again at the bottom right corner and confirm your reservation details before proceeding with payment via credit card or PayPal account (if available).

Advance reservations are recommended.

As a Marriott Rewards member, you are entitled to make reservations at participating Marriott Hotels and Resorts. However, advance reservations are recommended for peak seasons and popular destinations. You can secure your reservation by visiting Marriott’s website or contacting the hotel directly.

Using certificates can be complicated.

Using certificates can be complicated. Each certificate has its own set of rules, and any number of things could cause your certificate to be revoked or suspended:

  • If you have been convicted of a crime or arrested, your certificate may be revoked or suspended.
  • If you have been deported from the United States, then your Marriott Certificate will also be revoked.

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The good news is that the above steps are not mandatory. If you have a Marriott certificate but have not received any offers or benefits from using it yet, then you can simply make your reservation at any Marriott hotel by paying with cash. This will give you access to the same amenities that other guests enjoy. We hope this article has been helpful for those who are new to the world of Marriott certificates!

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How Do Hotels Know You Smoked In The Room

how do hotels know you smoked in the room

As a general rule, hotels have several ways of detecting smoking in rooms. They may not be able to smell it with their noses on the way out, but there are other methods to detect smokers.

Hotel curtains and walls: Cigarette smoke can permeate fabrics like curtains and carpets. This can be detected by the hotel’s cleaning staff when they remove them from your room for cleaning. If you’ve smoked in your room, these fabrics will smell like cigarettes and could give away your secret!

Ashtrays and food waste bins: If you smoked in the bathroom or bedroom of the hotel room that was recently cleaned by housekeeping staff, chances are that traces of cigarette ash will still be lingering around on countertops or tables near where you were sitting or sleeping. These remnants can also provide clues as to whether or not someone has been smoking inside their suite because they’re usually coated with residue from burning tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars as well!

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Hotels have several ways of detecting smoking in rooms


Curtains are an excellent way to mask the smell of smoke. They’re also a great place to hide cigarette butts and ash, and if you don’t want the maids cleaning up after you, curtains will keep them out of your room for longer.

It’s not just about hiding evidence of smoking; it’s also about creating an environment where your clothes don’t smell like smoke. If your clothes do smell like cigarette smoke, then that’s going to give hotel staff a reason to wonder why they’re smelling something strange in their rooms.


Smoke leaves a yellowish stain on the walls, which the hotel can use to track down the culprit. The stain is not removable and will remain forever.


Ashtrays are a good way to detect smoking in rooms, but they’re not used in all hotels. Ashtrays can be good sources of DNA evidence.

Food waste bins

Hotels also use food waste bins to determine whether a guest has smoked in their room.

When guests smoke in rooms, they often leave cigarette butts and ashes on the floor. These items can be found around the door frame and in the carpeting of hotel rooms. If a room smells like smoke, this indicates that someone may have been smoking there recently. If a guest leaves behind an ashtray or other smoking paraphernalia such as cigarettes or lighters, this also indicates that they smoked in their room within the past 24 hours or so (depending on how long it takes for those items to become dirty).


If you’re staying in a hotel and you smoke in your room, the carpet can smell like smoke and will probably be damaged. This is not only unpleasant for other guests to deal with but also an expensive problem for the hotel to fix. If this happens to you, talk to a manager about cleaning or replacing the carpet.

Asking for reimbursement of damages is common practice when there is any type of damage caused by another guest’s actions.

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We hope that this article gave you a better understanding of how hotels can detect smoking in rooms. As we mentioned, there are many different methods for detecting secondhand smoke, and hotels are certainly not the only business that uses them. Smokers need to be aware of these methods so they can make informed decisions about where they go and how much money they spend on their habits.

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How to Rent an Hourly Hotel Room for a Few Hours

how to rent a hotel room for a few hours

There’s no better place to be productive than in a hotel room, with all the amenities and space of the home. You can have meetings, catch up on your sleep, or get some work done without the distraction of your typical home environment. And if you’re lucky enough to get some free time on business travel or vacation? 

Well, those few hours are just long enough for an afternoon nap or dinner alone with a good book. The only problem is that many hotels charge more than $200 per night (in fact, they usually do!), which adds up quickly when you’re staying only two nights out of seven nights away from home. So how can you stay in a hotel without spending hundreds of dollars?

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Find a hotel

  • Search for hotels near your location.
  • Search for hotels in the neighborhood of your choice.
  • Search for hotels with free cancellation policies.
  • Search for hotels with 24/7 customer service

Narrow your search to hotels that are nearby

As you search for a hotel room, narrow your choices to those that are nearby. This will help ensure that you can get a room when you need one. If you’re going to be renting the room for only a few hours, it also doesn’t matter if it’s in the center of town or not; either way, everything will be within walking distance from your temporary home base.

Hotels in neighborhoods where there are restaurants and other attractions within walking distance can save you money on transportation costs and will make sure that all of your needs are met without having to travel far away from your temporary home base.

Call the hotel

Call the hotel. The first thing you should do is call the hotel directly and ask if they have a room available. If they do, ask them how much it costs and if they have a room with a king bed. If not, ask if they have any rooms with two queen beds and a view.

Arrive just in time

Once you find a hotel and book your room, the next step is to arrive at the hotel just before check-in time. This will ensure that when you get there, your room will be ready and waiting for you. You don’t want to arrive too early or else you’ll have to sit around in their lobby or parking lot while they clean up after other people.

Leave before checkout time

When you decide to leave early, make sure that you’ve left the room as you found it. That means taking out only what was provided by the hotel (bedding, towels) and removing all of your items from the room. Before leaving, check that there’s no damage to any furniture or fixtures in the room and that there isn’t anything left behind (like a pen or bottle opener).

If there’s any mess in the bathroom when you check in, such as hair on the floor or water stains on the mirror, be sure to clean them up before checking out so that it doesn’t look like someone else stayed overnight without permission. If cleanup is not possible due to time constraints (you’re running late for work), ask reception if they have cleaning staff available who can help with this task before leaving.

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It’s not difficult to rent a hotel room for a few hours, but it’s the simplest and most cost-effective when you do it right

Renting a hotel room for a few hours is easy to do, but it’s not difficult to get it wrong. If you want to save money and stay safe, these are the steps you should take:

  • Make sure the hotel has an internal phone system. You’ll need this so that you can call your room from another phone and access it without having to use a key or passcode. The best way is if the hotel uses “duplexes,” which means that each unit has two phones in different rooms (one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom). If this isn’t possible, then just ask about how many phones there are on each floor and whether any of them will work for your purposes.
  • Look up directions from where you’re going into town with their taxi service (if they have one) or public transportation options online before making plans so that you don’t waste time once there trying to figure out how exactly to get back again later tonight after dinner!


If you have any questions about renting a hotel room for a few hours, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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7 Tips To Book The Cheapest Hotels

how to get cheap hotel rates

With the rising cost of travel, staying in hotels can be more expensive than ever. However, there are ways to save money on hotels and still have a good experience. In this article, we’ll talk about how to get the cheapest hotel rooms and some tips for finding them.

The best way to book a cheap hotel room is by using the internet. You can find great deals by booking online, and this is especially true with newer hotels that want to attract customers. The process of booking a room at an online travel site takes just seconds, and you’ll often be able to get in touch directly with someone who can answer any questions you have about the property or amenities.

There are several ways that you can save money on your next trip: look for low-cost packages; stay in hostels; use payment plans; join social sites like Reddit for travel tips; sign up for credit cards that offer discounted rates at hotels and other applicable sites (like Amazon); etcetera…

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Book online

Booking your hotel online is one of the easiest ways to save money. Hotels often offer lower rates for booking directly with them, so doing so guarantees you’re getting the best deal possible. In addition to saving money, booking online allows you to choose from thousands of hotels worldwide and compare prices side-by-side to find the cheapest option. You can also use an app like Priceline or which let you name your price (this feature is called “name your price”). This means that if there are two similar hotels nearby but one has a higher rating on TripAdvisor than the other, chances are it will cost less because people aren’t willing to pay more just because they think something is better quality than another hotel down the street — they want value!

Look for low-cost packages

To get the best value, look for packages that include meals, transportation, and other extras. The more you include in your package, the cheaper it is. For example, some hotels offer a package with breakfast included as well as round-trip taxi transfers from the airport or train station. Some even include entry to local attractions or activities such as biking or hiking tours. At any rate, these packages are often much cheaper than booking each service separately!

Stay in hostels

Hostels are a great way to save money. They’re also a great place to meet new people, which is why many travelers continue to stay at hostels even after they’ve saved up enough for a more expensive hotel room. Many hostels offer amenities like free breakfast and Wi-Fi as well, so you’ll have what you need without paying extra. Some even include laundry services and other perks such as complimentary beer! If you’re traveling on a shoestring budget, this should be your first choice when looking for affordable hotels in bigger cities (especially if it’s an international trip).

If possible, book your hotel before arriving at your destination city or country so that there’s no rush when trying to find accommodations during high season or peak travel times—which usually happen around holidays like Christmas or New Year’s Eve/Day! Also, consider booking flights well in advance of departure if possible; this will give you more flexibility with flight schedules while also allowing time for any discounts that might be offered by airlines later down the line…

Use payment plans

You can also pay for your hotel in installments. This is a great option if you’re on a tight budget and not sure how much money to set aside for your trip. The benefit of this method is that it allows you to pay off the entire cost of your room without having to commit all at once, so if something comes up and you need some extra funds, you can use those funds instead of having them tied up in advance.

Pay with a credit card! If possible, try using a credit card when booking hotels online or on their app because they often offer cash-back rewards when they do so (and sometimes even more discounts). It might take an extra step or two but could save some serious dough in the long run!

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Join a social site like Reddit for travel tips

If you’re looking for travel advice or tips, then Reddit is a great place to start. There are subreddits dedicated to all kinds of destinations, including travel and dining recommendations. You can also find out about festivals, local events, and the best places to eat.

Sign up for credit cards that offer discounted

If you’re planning to stay in a hotel anytime soon, consider signing up for a credit card that offers hotel discounts. For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card offers up to 300 dollars in statement credits when you spend $3000 on travel expenses within the first 3 months of opening your account. The Capital One Venture Card lets you earn an additional 10% of your miles back after every purchase. The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard comes with 2x miles on all purchases and spends are reimbursed as statement credits later on down the road ($95 annual fee).

If you don’t have any major spending goals in mind right now and don’t mind waiting a few months before they are approved by the bank, then it makes sense to apply for these cards if they offer discounts at hotels and other applicable sites such as Airbnb or Airbnb Hosts (up to 55% off of your stays).

Book as far in advance as possible to pick the best room deals

Book early to pick the best room deals. If you’re still looking for the cheapest hotel, then booking as far in advance as possible is an absolute must. The longer you wait to book, the more likely it is that prices will go up and availability will go down.

And while this might seem like terrible news—after all, who wants their vacation plans derailed by such a thing?—it means one very good thing: more time on your end for researching and planning! So instead of obsessing over when exactly you should book your hotel rooms (and worrying if there’s even going to be something left by then), use those extra days to look around at other options and make sure everything else about your trip is squared away too.


When it comes down to it, there are plenty of ways to save money by booking the cheapest hotels possible. We hope that this list has given you some ideas for your next trip and helped you plan out your travel itinerary for the year ahead!

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10 Ways to Get Free Hotel Rooms

how to get a free hotel room

Getting free hotel rooms is a great way to save money on travel. You can use it for your trips or to impress clients and win business deals. But how do you get free hotel rooms? In this post, we’ll explore 11 different ways you can get access to accommodations without paying anything at all.

To get the most out of your hotel stays, it’s important to maintain a good relationship with the staff. The more you travel, the more you can expect to get free stays from hotels. This is because they want to keep you happy and loyal so that they will continue getting your business. It’s also helpful if you do things like offer feedback on their services or recommend them as a hotel where friends and family should stay when they come to visit.

The more frequently you stay at a hotel, the more likely they are to go out of their way for you! In some cases, this may mean offering free upgrades or discounts on meals at the restaurant or spa services during your stay. If a problem arises during checkout (e.g., forgotten item), sometimes simply mentioning how many nights in total have been spent there can help resolve issues quickly without causing any headaches for either party involved!

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Sign up for the hotel’s rewards program

Hotels often offer rewards programs to encourage loyalty. These programs can give you free nights, upgrades, and other perks.

  • Marriott Rewards: The Marriott Rewards program offers up to six points per dollar spent at participating hotels, plus a sign-up bonus of 40,000 points after spending $1,500 within 90 days of opening your account. You can use these points for free nights or get gift cards for use at restaurants and shops.
  • Hilton HHonors: With the Hilton HHonors program, you earn 10 points per dollar spent at participating hotels if you book directly through their website; otherwise you earn 5 points per dollar spent on room rate and food/beverage charges only (not tax). Or if you’re feeling fancy enough to spend $20K+ annually on hotel stays with any brand under the Hilton umbrella (which includes Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts), then Gold status applies whereupon you’ll receive 25% more than normal redemption value — i.e., 50K = 500k points = 1/2 night stay!
  • Starwood Preferred Guest: The Starwood Preferred Guest program gives out two miles per dollar spent on eligible purchases (so it’s not quite as lucrative as some of its competitors). Plus there are no blackout dates or resort fees which makes it great for travelers who want more flexibility with their plans than some other programs allow…

Become a travel agent

If you want to be a travel agent, and can get the approval of the right agency, there are a couple of advantages to becoming one:

  • You’ll be able to get special deals for your clients and yourself. For example, if your client wants to stay in a hotel they don’t normally have access to through regular channels (for example, if they have some sort of VIP status), you can make that happen by using your discount code.
  • You also have access to discounts on hotels when traveling yourself or with friends/family members/pets!

Use your airline miles

  • You can use airline miles to book hotel rooms. If you have accumulated frequent flier miles, you can redeem them for hotel stays at any location. This is especially useful if you are traveling to a city where there are no hotels affiliated with the airline’s rewards program, or if you want a better-quality room than what is available through those programs.
  • It’s possible to book non-reward hotels. If your flight is departing from an airport that does not have many rewards programs, consider booking a room in another city and taking the train or bus back to your departure point the next morning. This can be more flexible than paying for two one-way flights, plus it gives you an extra night at no extra cost!

Get a job in the hotel or travel industry

If you can’t get your company to pay for your hotel room, ask if they have any business in the area. If so, see if they would be willing to put you up at a local hotel. Also, consider getting a job with the hotel or travel industry: working as a concierge, travel agent or flight attendant all offer free stays at hotels and resorts.

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Be courteous to the staff at hotels you frequent

If you are a frequent hotel-goer, it’s important to remember that the staff of the hotels where you stay will recognize your face and know what room you’re in. They can also see when you have made an effort to be polite or friendly toward them, so it is in your best interest to treat them as if they were your friend.

The following are some tips on how to make sure that the people at hotels know who you are and want to help:

  • Be courteous and friendly throughout your stay.
  • Always remember their names and greet them with respect when they see each other again after one night apart (or longer). This can go a long way!

Work with local tourism offices and visitor bureaus to promote tourism in your area

  • Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of many areas.
  • You can find local tourism offices and visitors’ bureaus by doing an internet search for your state, city, or county name followed by “travel” or “tourism.”
  • One way to promote tourism in your area is to provide information about it on the go—for example, by creating a travel app that lists attractions and activities in the area.
  • Another way is to hold special events like festivals, tours, and other activities that draw people into the area from outside it.

Cover hotel trends as a writer or blogger

As a writer or blogger, you can cover hotel trends as they happen. While it’s not likely that you’ll be paid to write about your favorite hotels, this will help build your credibility and put you in touch with interesting people who may want to work with you on future projects.

Once you’ve established yourself as an expert, the opportunities will start rolling in. One of the easiest ways to get free hotel rooms and other travel perks is by writing about them!

Renting guest rooms on Airbnb or other sites can get you free nights at upscale properties

If you’re a frequent traveler, renting guest rooms on Airbnb or other sites can get you free nights at upscale properties. These are not your average vacation rentals. Many owners of these types of units have high-end homes that they rent out for special occasions or when they’re out of town themselves.

Another benefit is that it gives travelers access to experiences they might not otherwise be able to afford—like staying in an oceanfront mansion in Hawaii or enjoying a weekend staycation at a five-star hotel without paying the hefty price tag. These types of rentals also allow travelers to meet new people and make new friends while traveling across the country or overseas.

Volunteer your time to help hotels and convention centers host conferences, meetings, and events

Volunteer your time to help hotels and convention centers host conferences, meetings, and events.

  • You can volunteer to help out with events by being a greeter or assisting with registration.
  • You can volunteer to help out with maintenance and cleaning as a housekeeper.
  • You can also volunteer to help out with social media by managing their Facebook page or designing content for their website.
  • If you have marketing experience, offer it up! The hotel might need someone who knows how to use Google Analytics or create ad campaigns on Facebook.
  • Or if you’re good at cooking (or know someone who is), see if they need any extra hands in the kitchen!

Travel during off-season times and take advantage of deals

Off-season travel can be cheaper, but it’s not always the cheapest option. Off-season deals are often available when you book a room in advance.

The reasons to travel during the off-season vary. For instance, many people prefer to avoid the crowds that come with peak season and find traveling during the off-season more relaxing as well.

Use social media to announce contests, solicit bookings and build relationships with travel brands

Social media can be a great way to build relationships with your favorite travel brands, announce contests, and solicit bookings. You can use it to post photos of interesting places you’ve been or plan on going to in the future. This will help others see what they might want to visit if they’re in your area. You could also create a Facebook group for people who are interested in the same types of things as you.


If you’re looking for a way to get free hotel stays, these tips can help you save money and enjoy more luxurious accommodations. Signing up for the hotel’s rewards program is one of the most common ways to get free nights at hotels, but there are plenty more options beyond that. If you want to keep coming back again and again, make sure your customers know how much they’re valued by treating them with kindness and respect when they visit your business or attend an event at one of your properties!

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How To Get A FREE Night at Hotel

how to get a free night at motel 6

Sometimes you just can’t afford a hotel. Whether it’s for work or a fun weekend away, I’ve found that there are lots of ways to stay at hotels for FREE.

1. Get a Hotel Rewards Card

To get the most out of your rewards card, you’ll want to make sure you’re being rewarded for every dollar you spend. For example, say your hotel rewards card gives 1 point per dollar spent and it costs 10,000 points to stay at a hotel. If you spend $100 on that room, then this would take 100 points ($0.10 x 10,000 = 1000; 1000/1 = 1000) off the cost of your stay.

If this doesn’t sound like much savings yet—and it won’t if we don’t consider all the other ways that credit cards can help keep costs down—then remember this: hotels often charge an extra fee in addition to taxes and resort fees (they’re not technically “fees” but they function just like them).

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For example, my last hotel stay in Miami cost $150 per night plus another $50 per night for Friday-Sunday stays and mandatory valet parking charges (which I could have avoided by self-parking). So while my travel credit card shaved off just under $30 from my total bill thanks to its 1 point/$1 rewards program, my actual savings were closer to $20 once all those extra charges were taken into account!

2. Join a Timeshare

If you’re a frequent traveler, joining a timeshare can be an easy way to get free or discounted hotel stays. This is usually the case if your timeshare membership comes with points that can be redeemed at partner hotels.

If you decide to join a timeshare and are not immediately disposed towards doing so, there are ways to make it worth your while:

  • Get creative when choosing your room type. Some resorts will let you upgrade from an economy room with no additional fee; others may charge more for an ocean view than for basic accommodations on land but offer complimentary breakfast in exchange.
  • Book early! Timeshares tend to have limited inventory for their members (since they sell rooms at discount rates) and fill up quickly, sometimes within hours of being posted online.

If you decide halfway through your stay at one of these properties that this isn’t really what you want after all–or if it doesn’t work out with other guests–it’s still worth trying before writing off the idea completely!

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3. Ask a friend to book you

When you ask a friend to book you, make sure they have the necessary rewards card or are willing to pay for the room themselves. If you are not sure, ask them to book you as a guest and not as a friend. A lot of hotels don’t allow friends to stay together at no charge because of liability issues; this is why it’s important for them to know who will be staying in each room (especially when a couple goes into separate rooms).

If your friend doesn’t have enough points on their credit card, or if they can’t afford it themselves, offer them money or another type of reward instead!

4. Look for empty rooms

If you call a hotel and they don’t have any vacancies, ask them if they have any empty rooms. If they do, the front desk may put you on the waiting list for one of those rooms. You’ll get a call when it becomes available—and often times these calls come very quickly!

To be even more specific, ask if they have any rooms with certain features (like an ocean view or king bed). This can be effective because sometimes hotels will offer free upgrades in exchange for putting guests on their waiting lists.

5. Work for a Hotel

There are many jobs that you can apply for at hotels. The qualifications required for each job vary, but most require previous experience in the field.

  • Bartender
  • Cleaning staff
  • Dishwasher or kitchen staff
  • Housekeeping desk clerk

The pay and benefits are determined by the hotel’s size, location, and market value. You may receive paid vacation days and health insurance if the position is full-time. Your manager will review your application materials with you during an interview process that usually lasts a few days. If they like what they see, they will then offer training on how to perform all of your responsibilities as well as provide additional information about their policies so that when someone calls them they can speak confidently about these details while providing excellent customer service!


There you have it! 5 easy ways to stay at hotels for free. Now if only there were a way to get other people to pay for your food and transportation…

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How can I get a discount when booking a hotel?

how to get hotel discounts

Even if you don’t like to shop, you’ve probably heard that there are ways to save money on things like clothing and electronics. Similarly, if you’re trying to find a hotel room at a lower price than what’s advertised online, there are several tricks you can use. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most effective ones so that you can score a cheap room for your next trip!

Learn How to Agree with a Rate

  • Be friendly and polite
  • Ask for a manager if you don’t get the deal you want
  • Be prepared to walk away if you don’t get the deal you want
  • Be prepared to negotiate

If these tricks don’t work, there are other options available. You could try using an app like Hotwire or Priceline, which offers discounts on hotels. Or, simply call up your preferred hotel brand directly and see if they have any promotions that benefit members of their loyalty program (if such a thing exists). This will require more work than scouring websites, but it may pay off in the long run.

Use a Reward Card

Rewards cards, or loyalty programs, can be a great way to save money on hotels. And the best part is that they’re free to join and don’t require any special membership fees or annual dues.

With a reward card, you earn points for every dollar spent at participating hotels and restaurants. These points then become redeemable for free nights or other rewards such as food and wine-tasting events at local vineyards. If you don’t find yourself staying in hotel rooms often enough to justify an annual fee, then these cards are perfect for you!

While there are many different types of reward cards out there (some will even give you one point per dollar spent on everything else), we recommend looking into two types: airline miles and hotel points. These two types are ideal because they allow travelers to earn miles toward their next flight without having to spend more money on airfare. 

The same goes with hotel points; if used correctly then they can help reduce costs while traveling as well as get access to swanky events like cocktail parties with celebrity chefs during fancy weekend getaways!

Sign Up for Emails

Sign up for the hotel’s email newsletter. You may get a discount, exclusive offers, and information about special events.

If you’re staying at a hotel with a loyalty program (like Marriott Rewards or Hilton Honors), sign up for the loyalty program, too. You’ll receive points just for staying at participating hotels, which can be redeemed for future stays or gifts.

If you have a pet that will be traveling with you on your trip, be sure to check out their pet policies before booking. Some hotels allow pets free of charge while others require an additional fee or deposit to ensure that they are well cared for while they stay at the hotel—and won’t damage any furniture or carpets!

Download the Hotel’s Mobile App

If you’re on the fence about downloading the hotel’s mobile app, don’t hesitate. It’s usually free, and it can do a lot of good things for you.

The first time I downloaded a hotel’s mobile app was for an event in Tokyo that I was attending. The event organizers had recommended it as one way to get discounts on my stay at their hotel, so I downloaded it on the spot and then proceeded to use it again when planning other trips. Since then, here are some of its benefits:

  • You can book rooms from your phone while traveling or simply when you have time off from work (or are bored at work).
  • It can help you find deals and special rates available only via the mobile app (or sometimes even just by having access to certain loyalty programs).
  • If they offer rewards points or frequent flyer miles based on how much money you spend per night at their establishment, this is where those details will be found.

Sign Up for Text Alerts

By signing up for text alerts, you can be notified of any deals or promotions from the hotel. This is usually done by email or on a website, so you can sign up on your phone if necessary. Most companies will send out text alerts when they have special offers for their customers, so it’s worth checking in with them regularly to see what’s available right now.

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Join the Loyalty Program

Hotels and airlines are businesses, so they’re always looking for ways to make money. One of their best tools is the rewards programs that they offer loyal customers. By joining these programs and using your travel points, you can get some great discounts on stays at hotels or flights. For example, if you use your reward points to book three nights at a four-star hotel, then the fourth night will be free! \

If you want to save money without all of this extra effort and hassle (who doesn’t?), simply sign up for any loyalty program with your favorite hotel chain or airline before booking your next trip.

Book the Same Room Type Continuously

To get the best price on your hotel room, make sure you book the same type of room over and over again. This can be done by signing up for loyalty programs or using a credit card that offers rewards points (like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card) that you can use for free nights at hotels. A lot of hotels also have a deal called “buy one get one free” (BOGO) where you can book two rooms at once and pay for only one.

You should also ask about upgrades—for example, if you’re booking a king bed but see that there are suites available for less money, ask about getting upgraded to one of those rooms instead. There’s no guarantee it will happen—it depends on availability—but many times front desk staff will give this kind of upgrade if they have any available rooms left in the category requested by their guest (in this case “suite”).

Pick an Off-Season Period to Visit Your Destination

The off-season is a great time to visit your destination, especially if you’re traveling by yourself. It’s often cheaper, less crowded, and warmer (or just simply drier). Some people aren’t fans of the off-season because they feel like they’re missing out on the cultural vibrancy that comes from being in a city surrounded by other tourists. However, if you want to save money and don’t mind being alone at night, then going during the off-season can be a good choice for you as well!

Consider a Resort Fee Waiver

Resort fees are common at hotels, but they can be a real head-scratcher. They’re typically a daily fee that covers things like wifi and parking, and they sometimes add up to more than the actual cost of your room—not something you want to pay if you don’t have to.

In some cases, though, it’s possible to avoid paying resort fees altogether even when they’re mandatory. The best way is simply by asking: “Is there any way I could get out of having this added on?” Many times, if you’ve booked through a third party or directly through the hotel website (as opposed to through another booking site), and if you’re staying for less than four days, hotels will waive their resort fee because it wouldn’t make sense for them not to do so. 

That’s why we always recommend booking directly with the hotel whenever possible; most large chain hotels will be happy enough just knowing that someone has paid attention enough about their rates that he or she is willing to book directly with them rather than somewhere else where he or she might save money by doing so!

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Extend Your Stay

Another way to save money on your hotel stay is to extend your stay. Simply ask about extended stay rates, and you might be surprised at the great deals you can find. Look for deals on longer stays (longer than three days), as well as special events in the area (such as a local festival or convention). You may also want to consider switching up the days of the week: some hotels will offer better rates on weekends than on weekdays. Holidays tend to command higher prices at most hotels, but this isn’t always true!

Check Out Pools, Kitchens, and Fitness Centers

If you are traveling with your family, consider checking out the pool. Not only will it give you and your loved ones a chance to relax and cool off, but it can also save you money on food.

If you’re going to be staying in a hotel for an extended period (such as if you have booked an extended stay hotel) and don’t have access to a kitchen at home, then consider taking advantage of one at the hotel. Many hotels offer free breakfast buffets that are often better than what they charge per meal through room service!

Finally, if fitness is important to you when traveling, then look for hotels that include fitness centers or gym memberships with their nightly rates.

Ask About Senior-Citizen Rates or Other Discounts

If you’re older than 60 and want to save some money on your hotel room, drop the word “senior” into your conversation. The same goes for other special rates like AAA, military, or student discounts.

If you’re traveling with more than one person, inquire about getting a deal on the room. Hotels are often willing to shave off a few bucks if more than one person is staying in their rooms at once—especially since many people like to book double rooms for family vacations and weekend getaways with friends. If it’s just two of you traveling together, see if there are any options available that include connecting rooms or suites (which come with either an adjoining door or shared living space).

If your stay is longer than three days and/or includes weekend nights (Friday/Saturday), ask about special prices that apply only during those weekends. Hotels often offer discounts geared towards people who stay over three full nights; so if you can’t be flexible with dates but still need somewhere comfortable and convenient for several consecutive nights’ worth of sleep (e.g., because you’re moving into a new apartment), this might be an option worth exploring!

Finally: Check out our list of 10 cheap hotels in cities across America where travelers can rest easy knowing they’ll spend less on lodging while still enjoying all the perks associated with staying near their favorite tourist attractions!

Inquire About Any Special Deals at the Front Desk

Inquire about any special deals at the front desk. This is a no-brainer: most hotels offer reduced rates for seniors and military personnel, as well as discounts for local events like concerts or sporting matches.

If you’re visiting somewhere during an annual festival or another event, ask if there are any promotional rates for those dates—you might be surprised by how much money this will save you! In addition to these common discounts, some hotels offer free rooms in exchange for volunteering their time at local attractions (museums), theaters, or even restaurants.

Ask your hotel concierge if they know of any last-minute cancellations or vacancies in other properties nearby. If they do happen to find one during your stay, they’ll upgrade your room without charging extra fees (since it’s likely not available through another source).

Look for Coupons Online and in Newspapers When Possible

In addition to searching for coupons online, you can also look for them in newspapers and magazines. Some hotels publish coupons themselves, while others will offer discounts when you buy a certain number of nights at the hotel. 

And if all else fails, it’s worth asking at the front desk whether there are any coupons available for your stay. Many hotels have special discount rates that are only offered on certain days of the week or during slow seasons—and these rates don’t always get posted online! You can get a good deal on a hotel room if you do your research.

  • Look for deals and discounts: Many hotels offer special offers and discounts, especially during slow travel times like weekday mornings, evenings, and weekends. If you’re planning to stay at the same hotel multiple times in one year or weekend package deals may be offered that save you money on food, entertainment, and other things within the hotel itself (such as parking).
  • Look for coupons: Often hotels have coupons available through their websites or in newspapers so make sure to look around before booking your trip; another great place to find them is online coupon sites like Groupon and Living Social. These sites will allow you to search by location so that if there is something nearby then it’ll pop up first on your list which makes finding those secret savings even easier than ever before!


Whether you go the traditional route and look online, or you try some of these more creative tricks, there’s no doubt that a little research can go a long way in helping you find the best deal on your next hotel stay. Don’t forget that many hotels offer loyalty programs, which allow customers to earn points or status upgrades by staying at their properties frequently. 

These programs are great if they’re available where you want to stay! And while we may not always love paying tax on food and drink purchases at restaurants or bars (and even sometimes when buying groceries), keep an eye out for sales tax holidays where possible—they happen throughout the year!

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17 Websites To Find Cheap Hotels At The Best Prices

how to find cheap hotels

When it comes to booking a hotel room, there are plenty of options out there. From traditional travel websites to social networking sites and discounting sites, hotels can be found on every corner of the internet. But which website gives you the best deal? Well, that depends on what kind of traveler you are!

For example, if you’re looking for a place that is close to public transportation or tourist attractions then Tripadvisor might be your best bet. However, if all you care about is price then Kayak might have just what you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top websites for booking hotels at the cheapest prices!

What is the cheapest site to book a hotel? is a website that searches various travel sites to find the best deals on hotels, flights, and rental cars. Unlike other hotel booking sites, Kayak doesn’t charge users for its services. Instead, it makes money by selling ads on its site.

Because Kayak doesn’t charge for finding or how to get cheap hotels or flights, you can expect lower rates than what you’d find on other websites like Hotwire and Priceline. However, this does not mean that all offers will be as low as possible—some may still be more expensive than those found elsewhere (like when searching directly through airlines and car rentals).

The advantage of using Kayak is that it saves time by automatically comparing prices from different providers to find the cheapest ones available at any given time; this allows users to quickly search multiple providers simultaneously without having to visit each one individually. The disadvantage of using this method is that there are many different ways in which people perceive value when making decisions about where they want to stay while traveling – even if two properties’ prices appear similar overall but vary slightly across some factors such as location or star rating level then customers could still prefer one over another even though they’re paying almost exactly double! is a great place to start for all of your hotel booking needs. With over 1 million hotels, you can be sure that this site has plenty of options for any travel needs you may have. You can search by price, location, or amenities (such as free breakfast), read reviews from other people who have stayed at the hotel, and book directly through their site. even offers a rewards program where you can earn points each time you book with them which can then be redeemed for future stays! also has a mobile app so you can always stay on top of things while on the go!

Trivago is a hotel search engine that allows you to find the best rates for hotels and compare them side-by-side. It’s one of the most popular sites for booking a hotel, with over 300 million people using it annually. Trivago has become so big in the travel industry because it provides users with information about different hotels and allows them to compare prices based on location, amenities, and ratings from previous guests.

The site is easy to use—it has clear navigation tabs at the top of the page that allow you to browse by destination or hotel brand if you already have an idea of where you want to stay. Once you’ve chosen your destination or selected a specific brand (such as Hilton), hitting “Search” will bring up results with photos showing each property’s exterior along with its star rating, amenities offered (such as restaurants), price range, and more details about what makes each place unique from others nearby. Users can view these results on desktop/laptop computers or mobile devices such as smartphones; both are equally accessible through this platform’s mobile apps (available via Apple Store/Play Store). is a great resource for finding the best hotels at the cheapest prices. The site allows you to search for and compare different hotels, read reviews from other guests who have stayed at these properties, and browse the top 10 lists of destinations based on popularity—all on one platform. This makes it easy to find something in your budget range that suits your travel needs.

When booking your room, TripAdvisor also features deals on nightly rates, so you can save money by choosing a hotel that has some type of discount available (such as CashBack!).

Priceline is a popular choice for finding cheap hotels. You can choose your hotel, or you can choose the name of the city and then select from a list of available hotels at that location. The site claims to offer “name your price” hotel products, but this isn’t always the case: If there aren’t any rooms available at the low-end price you’ve set, then Priceline will automatically upgrade you to another type of room.

Priceline often has special deals on its website for last-minute bookings; if you’re flexible about when you’re traveling and willing to wait until two days before departure, it’s worth checking out what they have available! is a good place to start your hotel search. It has a large selection of hotels to choose from, and its easy-to-use interface makes it simple for travelers to find the best deals on their preferred accommodations.

The Expedia website also has an excellent mobile app for iPhone and Android devices, which makes a booking on the go even easier. Although there are no free cancellation policies, most of the hotels available through Expedia offer either free cancellation or allow you to cancel without paying fees if you book early enough in advance. This means that even if you decide not to stay at one of these hotels after checking it out when you arrive in town—like many people do—you won’t have wasted money on booking fees or nonrefundable reservations that were never used!

Orbitz is an online travel agency that allows you to book round trip flights, hotels, and rental cars—all in one place. It has over 200,000 hotels in over 1,200 destinations worldwide. With such a large selection of hotels, Orbitz makes it easy for you to search for the best deals on hotel rooms by comparing rates from all major hotel chains with one click.

Orbitz also offers last-minute deals on its website as well as coupons for money-saving opportunities on your next trip. Use your credit card points with Orbitz or earn extra airline miles when booking your next flight through them too! is a hotel booking website that offers affordable accommodation options to users around the world. You can find cheap hotels on Bookingbuddy, as well as cheap flights and car rentals. The site also has a rewards program that allows you to earn points toward free stays when you book through them.

Hotwire is one of the best sites to book hotels at the lowest prices. It uses a bidding system in which you make offers on hotel rooms, and if there is someone else who has offered a higher bid than yours, Hotwire will notify you with the details of your offer and whether it was accepted or rejected.

Hotwire is an excellent choice for those looking to make their next trip cheaper and more enjoyable. The site provides access to over 350,000 hotels worldwide, including 5-star resorts in locations from New York City to Paris, France. You can rest easy knowing that every hotel listed on our site has been certified by us as part of our commitment to quality standards so that each guest has an exceptional experience no matter what they choose! offers a variety of hotel booking options, including last-minute deals and package deals. If you’re looking for a hotel that is close to an airport, Cheaptickets is a good option as it has listings for hotels near airports in over 150 countries. If you’re looking for cheap flights, then this site is also worth checking out as it allows you to filter your searches by price range. is a fantastic resource for finding cheap hotels and discounted deals on travel accommodations. The site’s user interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it great for booking last-minute trips without sacrificing the quality of your stay.

Hotelwatchdog has many different advanced functions built into the site for the convenience of its users, including:

  • A filter that allows you to sort by price range and other criteria to find a hotel that suits your needs (e.g., location or whether pets are allowed)
  • A map that lets you see exactly where each property is located within a city (and its distance from landmarks, airports, etc.)

Hipmunk is a travel search engine that uses an algorithm to determine the best flight deals. It’s also a good choice if you’re looking to book hotels, especially since they have a user-friendly interface and offer plenty of filters (however, they don’t have as many hotels as some other sites).

Virtuoso is a travel agency that partners with over 1000 hotels and resorts around the world. They provide exclusive deals on everything from hotel rooms to cruises and other travel packages. To take advantage of these discounts, you’ll need to become a Virtuoso member by filling out an application form. Membership is free and rewards members with benefits such as discount rates on services like hotel bookings, car rentals, and even spa treatments.

Virtuoso travelers can also earn rewards points for each dollar spent through the company’s website or app—these points can be redeemed for gifts or converted into airline miles (if you’re not already planning to book flights with them).

Flyertalk is a long-standing travel forum that was founded by frequent fliers in 1999. The site is run by volunteer moderators from the community and makes it easy for you to book hotels around the world at cheap prices.

Frequent Flyer Boards are where users can discuss their favorite destinations, choose hotels, and find budget-friendly deals. Comparing flight times and costs with other websites is also recommended, as there may be better deals elsewhere.

To use the site, simply enter your destination into the search box on Flyertalk’s homepage and scroll through a list of eligible hotels near your destination or browse through alphabetized lists of cities within each country (for instance: Paris -> France).

If you’re planning a trip, it’s safe to say that the last thing you want is to spend more money than necessary. That’s why Travelzoo is such a useful site: they offer discount deals on hotels, flights, and other travel services. If you sign up for their newsletter, they’ll email you all of the latest deals—and when we say all of them, we mean it! They have discounts on everything from cruises to ski trips.

Even better? Travelzoo offers exclusive promo codes for some of their most popular properties—which means even better prices! The website also has an easy-to-use interface that makes booking your vacation as simple as possible; just enter where you want to go and let them do the rest (they’ll even suggest things based on your preferences).

OneTravel is a great site for booking flights, hotels, and car rentals. It has a great selection of cheap hotels, with prices starting as low as $25 per night. OneTravel also has a rewards program that gives you points for booking hotels. You can redeem your points for free hotel stays or even gift cards at partner merchants such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart.

OneTravel also has an “everyday” loyalty program that gives you points every time you book through the website. These points can be used to get discounts on future trips or even free flights! is a great resource for families. The site has a wide range of hotels, including many family-friendly options, and it offers deals on those hotels as well. Additionally, you can use trip mama to find out what other users think about each hotel before booking: it includes user reviews in the form of star ratings.

When you’re looking for a hotel at the cheapest prices, it’s important to consider all of your options. The following are some tips on where to look:

  • Use comparison sites: Sites like Expedia and Priceline are great for finding the best deals on hotels in your area or region. You can set up alerts that will notify you when a room becomes available at a low price, or search by rate or amenities (such as free breakfast).
  • Use travel agents: Travel agents can be helpful if you need help booking flights and coordinating with other members of your group who may be flying from different locations or at different times than yourself. They’ll often have access to special rates not available online, so it’s worth calling around until someone gives in!
  • Use airline websites and apps: Some airlines offer discounted rooms at their partner hotels as part of their rewards programs; these offers tend to expire quickly but they’re worth checking out before planning any trips abroad (or even just across town).


I hope that this article has helped you decide where to book your next hotel. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

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How To Get Cheap Hotels Every Time You Travel

how to get cheap hotels

Booking hotels can be a costly affair, especially for those who are not doing it regularly. If you want to save money, there are many ways in which you can do so. One of these is by booking your hotel room correctly.

15 Tips To Book The Cheapest Hotels

Keep searching

  • Keep searching. Don’t settle for the first deal you find if it doesn’t meet your needs.
  • Don’t be afraid to search for a few days. You might have to do some research, but it will pay off in the end.
  • Don’t book the first hotel you find; keep searching until you find something better!
  • Don’t be afraid to try a different site than your usual one, or even an entirely new one altogether! Some may even offer exclusive discounts and deals at hotels not normally available through other booking sites, so don’t be afraid of looking around during your search process!
  • Don’t pay for something you don’t need: If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is! If there are fees attached (like parking), check with each hotel individually before making any commitments—and maybe even call them up on the phone instead of booking online just so that there are no surprises later on down south (sorry).

Book early

Booking early is one of the best ways to save money on a hotel, as it gives you a better chance of getting the lowest rates and makes it easier to secure your desired room. If you book at least two months in advance, you’ll likely be able to negotiate a much better rate than if you wait until just before departure. Some hotels even offer discounts for booking three or four months out of your stay.

Once you’ve booked your room, keep in mind that most hotels charge extra fees for things like Wi-Fi and parking. Some will also try to upsell other services like breakfast or valet parking—but don’t feel pressured into buying these extras!

Scout out the competition

Your first step should be to take a look at your options and see what kind of hotels are available in the area you want to stay. You can do this by searching for hotels on sites like Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz or Kayak. These sites will give you an idea of what’s going on in terms of price and amenities offered by each hotel so that when it comes time to make your decision about which one is best for you (and your budget), you’ll have all the information necessary to make an informed choice.

Look at user reviews before booking anything online! If there are any websites where people review their experiences with different accommodations—like TripAdvisor or Yelp—take advantage of them! People who have actually stayed at these places will often leave detailed feedback about everything from room quality to location proximity; this type of information can help guide your decision-making process when choosing between several potential options.

Bid on a room

  • Use a bidding site.
  • Bid on a room.

Travel in the off-season

Traveling during the off-season is a great way to save money on flights and hotels. It’s also a great chance to see a place when it’s not crowded. You can get some amazing deals on airfare if you fly during the winter months, or travel to popular destinations like Paris or New York City in the fall.

If you’re looking for a warm place for your next vacation, consider going somewhere in Mexico or even Florida during hurricane season. The weather will be warm, but there won’t be many tourists around!

Use loyalty programs to your advantage

Loyalty programs are a great way to score free nights and other perks, so make sure to use them. Some hotel loyalty programs offer free upgrades, amenities like food and drink, and even Wi-Fi. If you’re planning on going to the same city or area again shortly (say within a year), it’s worth applying for multiple programs in that area since many of them have generous rewards that you can use toward future stays.

Build your network

  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Regardless of how well you know them, they might have a friend who has stayed at a hotel that they can recommend.
  • Use social media to get feedback on hotels. Although it’s not always good to take advice from strangers online, social media is a great way of finding out what people think about specific hotels or areas in general.
  • Use travel forums to get advice from other travelers. TripAdvisor is great for getting honest reviews from people who have visited the place that you’re considering booking a room in, which is invaluable if you want to avoid surprises when checking into your accommodations!

Travel during holidays

The holiday season is the best time to book cheap hotels. You can get deals and discounts on holidays, as well as stay at a luxurious place for less than usual. However, if you are flexible with your dates, you may be able to get better deals on holidays. If you are traveling to a popular destination and have no other choice but to travel during the holiday season, try booking accommodation in advance so that there will be less crowd in town (and therefore cheaper prices).

Plan off-the-beaten-path adventures.

If you’re looking to travel in style, but don’t want to spend all your money on accommodation, consider booking a hotel that’s just off the beaten path. There are plenty of destinations that offer up-and-coming yet affordable accommodations and activities. For example:

  • Explore Iceland’s second largest city after Reykjavik by staying at Hotel Anno 1389 (from $60 per night) and checking out the nearby attractions like Blue Lagoon or Thingvellir National Park.
  • Visit Croatia with its beautiful beaches on islands like Hvar ($38 per night) or Korcula ($39 per night). If you want something more remote, try Krk Island where there are only two hotels! The prices here range from $30-$50 per night depending on the time of year you go – which means even less spent on getting there (or staying there)!
  • Go skiing in Scandinavia during winter months at prices as low as $50/night depending on location (in Norway).

Search with Google Flights.

Looking for the best round trip flights deal? Google Flights is a great resource for finding cheap flights, thanks to its intelligent booking engine and helpful calendar tools. The tool can help you find the best price for your chosen route, as well as provide recommendations on when to book your flight to secure it at the cheapest rate possible.

Stay at a hostel sometimes – or at least check them out!

It’s a fact that the best way to meet people on the road is in a hostel. Hostels are generally very social and make it easy to strike up conversations with other travelers. Even if you’re traveling solo, it’ll be much easier for you to meet people in a hostel than it would be at a hotel. Plus, if you’re traveling with friends or family members who don’t share your passion for budget travel (or they simply don’t like staying in hostels), then having an alternative option can save them from having to suffer through their worst nightmare: sharing one room with strangers! Not only do hostels tend to be more affordable than hotels (especially when booked online), but they also offer amenities like free WiFi and breakfast that hotels don’t usually provide standard rooms.

Consider Airbnbs and HomeExchanges

Airbnb is an online marketplace for people who want to rent out their homes, apartments, or even spare rooms. The site is especially popular with budget travelers because you can get private rooms in major cities for as little as $25 per night. You’ll be staying in locations central to all the action and save hundreds on accommodation costs. If you don’t mind sharing space, why pay for two hotel rooms when one will do?

Airbnb also allows you to meet new people from around the world and learn about their culture from them firsthand by talking over breakfast at your shared kitchen table!

Go local when booking your hotel

If you don’t know the language, try using Google Translate to translate the hotel’s website. If that doesn’t work, use a translation app such as Google Translate or Word Lens.

If you still can’t figure out what they’re asking for, ask someone who does speak the language! You could ask a local friend to help or even call them directly (if they have an international number).

Lastly: if all else fails and you just can’t understand anything on their site or in person with staff members at hotels—ask them politely if there are any other apps/websites that might be similar enough to yours so that someone a non-native speaker like me could book with them just fine; see what happens!